Don’t let just anyone fly a drone for your business!

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, anyone who flies a UAS (unmanned aircraft system)
 or drone in the furtherance of a business must first obtain an FAA Part 107 certification.

Heavy fines result for both the pilot ($1,000 per occurrence) 
and the business ($11,000 per occurrence)!

But rest assured! Ridgeway Creative is both FAA certified and insured to fly drones for your business! Take a look at some of these cool photos!

What can we fly for you?

If your business takes you outside, drone photography and videography can show it from a whole new perspective! 

With your drone images or videography, Ridgeway Creative can produce that TV commercial, branding video or “helpful tips” video for your website with professional results!




Drone photos in real estate?  Yes, please!

Drone photos and video can be super helpful in the sale of large or interesting real estate properties like lake houses, mansions or farms. 

If you need to show a property from the air, give Ridgeway Creative a call today!




With mapping software, we can fly over agricultural fields, construction sites and other structures, to create an orthomosaic image to reveal an area's secrets!

The maps can be analyzed for plant health, elevation, roof inspections, measurements, even 3D imaging.  Call today to find out more about Ridgeway Creative's mapping services!



Show off your outdoor event like it has never been seen before! 

Aerial views of a concert or other event can be an outstanding way to document your organization's event--and promote the next one!  Ridgeway Creative knows all the drone rules about how to fly near (but not over) your event safely!


Need a good look at a roof or chimney?  Don't climb up there! 

Whether you're a curious homeowner, a roofer or a roof inspector, Ridgeway Creative can take detailed, high-quality images without ever stepping foot on that roof!


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