Soup to Nuts Production--if that's what you need.

Ridgeway Creative can work with our clients from the beginning concept through final implementation
of the finished video production.  Or perhaps you have video, photos or even in-house "talent."
That’s fine too!  Here is a list of some of the many services we offer.

Free Consultation
Whether in person or on the phone, we’re happy to discuss if and how video can help your business. What are the possibilities?

Pre-production & Planning

We’ll answer your questions and ask you a few to better understand your needs, goals, timing and resources.

Not just white-board videos, but PowerPoint Killers!

Seeing a hand make illustrations is cool, but wait until you see our PowerPoint Killers!  Your audience will
stay tuned-in and really get your message!
Check out this example!
We ramp it up--then take it to the next level!

You’ll get final review when we turn an idea (yours or ours) into a complete script with dialog, camera cues, graphic notes–the works.


HD Videography:
It’s a skill! We have years of experience and the right gear for professional results!

Ever want to try a green screen?

Just like the TV weatherman (or woman)!

We'll show you and your products or services at
the same time.  We can shoot it right in your space!
--and we'll coach you to get you at your best!

Graphics & Titles:
We will create graphics and titles that not only relay information, but also support the tone of your project.  And reflect your brand!


Non-linear Editing:
We’ll put all of the elements we’ve created or obtained into a computer. Then we re-arrange and layer them to tell your story. Pretty cool.

byrd frozen

Fly with Ridgeway Creative!

Aerial video and photos have never been easier
with today's drone technology.  But don't just let anyone fly for you--that's asking for trouble.
At Ridgeway Creative, we're FAA certified,
registered and insured!

Music & Professional Voice-over
Licensed music tracks and top-notch voice-over artists make for professional results.
Or, for a personal touch, we can record your voice!


Final Review & Output
You always have final approval before anyone else sees your project. And we can get you the files you need for e-mail, web, presentations, broadcast–you name it.

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