"Where do I start?" says anyone who's new to professional video.

Here are some things to think about that might help you get your creative juices flowing!

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Briefly describe the information you would like to deliver:

We know how to present information in ways that will keep your viewer interested, but we know that you know much more about your business than we do.  Help us start to understand what you want your video to say (or show) with a brief description.


What is your goal?

Examples include increases in customer awareness or web traffic, introduction of new personnel or products, etc.  What you do hope to gain from the video?

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What's your budget?

When you buy a car, the price varies greatly depending on the "bells and whistles" you want.   Professional video is no different.

Short productions start around $1000.  If you have a budget, please share it and we'll do our best to meet your production and budget needs.

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Do you have anyone from your organization that would like to appear on camera?

If someone in your company can deliver information on camera (and wants to be in the video), it can help reduce costs.

Keep in mind, though, that on-camera “talent” may be considered “the face of the brand”—a serious consideration. Not only does the person need to appear competent, credible and professional, they might also reflect the ethical standards of your brand.

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Can you provide an outline or first-draft script?

They say that failing to plan is planning to fail.  And that's true when it comes to scripting a video.  In most cases, we'll create a script from our client conversations and their existing promotional materials.

However, if you can provide a detailed outline or even a first-draft script, you'll see cost-savings.  And we'll hit the ground running!

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Can you provide branding standards and high-resolution graphics of your logo and other company images such as photos?

If your web designer or ad agency has created graphics that represent your brand, please share those with your producer early in the process.  It will help us to design your video with your brand in mind.

The result will be a seamless part of your branding strategy. High resolution photos can also be helpful during production.


What's our deadline?

Let's talk about deadlines early in the process so that we're able to plana successful production, delivered on time and on budget.

Ridgeway Creative can help you answer all of these questions! Give us a call today!

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